The team over at Imagine Media are one of those rare companies that under-promise and over-deliver. We’ve been working together just about six months now, and time and again they demonstrate they know their business. They’re professional, responsive, and creative. I consider Imagine Media to be a true business partner for us.”
— Mark Shaver, Owner, Buckhead Paws

“I have a hard time forming what you do for us into words. To me and our team, you are so much more than a social media agency - you are truly content and marketing partners. We couldn’t be happier with how things are going. I continue to be impressed by everything you do for us.” - Nikki, Big Nerd Ranch

"Imagine Media Consulting makes the task of tackling social media a breeze. Their team was able to take on all 13 of our Ashley HomeStore locations and put us on the map socially. Without their help we would still be behind. We are extremely impressed with the growth that we've seen on FB and are delighted at the new audience we are reaching with IG. Bloggers are tagging our stores and sharing our product with their followers. It's amazing to see the reach and growth we have achieved through these platforms. We look forward to continued success and growth!" - Brandy Bell, Marketing Director, Ashley Furniture Homestores


"I did just want to add that you guys are doing an awesome job for us!  In fact, something that you posted on Instagram sold this morning!" - Sarah Kirchner, Now & Again


"Working with Imagine Media has not only helped grow our social followers, it's helped grow our brand. They do such an amazing job of understanding our voice and channeling it into creative posts. Every single member of the team has been a pleasure to work with and gone above and beyond. We highly recommend them to anyone who wants to grow their social channels and their entire business!" - Jess Ekstrom, Owner, Headbands Of Hope


“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the Imagine Media Consulting Team. They have gone above and beyond to grow the Babiators brand on social media, and have really asserted themselves as part of the Babiators team. ” -Molly, Co-Founder, Babiators


“The Imagineers are such a fun team to work with. Young creatives are definitely who you want to work with when it comes to social media and I love that they encourage the client to be a part of the process. ” - Jessica, Marketing, Brand Manager, Tin Lizzy’s


“Imagine truly invests in our brand and culture; this commitment allows their services to authentically act as mirror for our company...out into the social media universe.” - Nate Hbyl, Owner, gusto!


"Imagine Media's ads have been monumental for elevating brand awareness and recruiting new clients." - Kelly Henry, Owner, Bamboo Juices


“The team is amazing at reading my business and “getting” our look. So enjoyable to work with, I am thrilled they are part of my team.” - Erika Reade, Owner, Erika Reade



"The team at Imagine Media understood my business's vision and voice from day one. They are a trusted partner in the growth of our brand." - Sarah Cyrus, Owner, Sarah Cyrus Home


“Working with Imagine Media has been one of the most outstanding experiences for our company. Their marketing & photography skills have helped our social media channels grow like never before. They are especially kind and diligent which makes working with them a pleasure. We hope to work with them for many years to come!” - Jo, Itsa Girl Thing

“Thank you for helping bring my voice to life through the power of imagery, words, and exceptional staffing.” - Carly, Owner, Thunderbolt Power Yoga

"Imagine Media is attentive, quick with responses and wonderful.  I couldn’t exist without them!" - Katie Newton, Editor, The Scout Guide


"Making the decision to work with the Imagine team has been incredibly beneficial for our business. We're seeing all of the rewards that come from running consistent, cohesive social media campaigns while spending much less time than we did when we attempted to do this in house." -Natasha, Owner, Nicely Built


"Imagine Media Consulting has done more in the last six months to increase the social presence, customer interaction and new customer base for Now & Again than any of our previous advertising efforts. They knew just which platforms would enhance sales and the image of Now & Again.  Their creative posts each week engage our customers and result in new faces and new sales!  Teaming with Imagine Media has been one of the most exciting things to happen to Now & Again in the past 23 years!”   -Mary Kirchner, Owner, Now & Again


"One of the challenges that most growing businesses face is how to effectively engage with their audience while dealing with all of the other responsibilities that running a business entails.  Working with IMC was initially a relief, as it freed my business partners and me to work on other aspects of our business.  It soon became clear, however, that our social media was in better hands even than our own. Shantel and Margot have grown our social media presence and increased fan engagement by every metric, and their understanding of and ability to express our company personality has reinforced our brand voice immeasurably." - Matt & Steve, Owners, Country Club Prep


"Imagine Media has helped our business tremendously.  The entire staff is very helpful and right on with ideas.  Social media has become such an important part of our business.  We should have started with Imagine Media a year before we signed on." - Kim, Owner, Lucy's Market


"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the Imagine Media Consulting Team. They have gone above and beyond to grow the Babiators brand on social media, and have really asserted themselves as part of the Babiators team. We're continually impressed with their ability to capture our brand voice, make connections with notable bloggers, strategize email blasts, and take an extremely personal approach to our social media again and again." -Molly, Co-Founder, Babiators


"We operated without a social media presence before, trying to tackle this on our own. Imagine Media has helped us to position ourselves in the marketplace, allowing us to get the message we want out across social media and helping our business to grow." - Thaddeus, Owner, 1KEPT


"Originally we reached out to Imagine Media because we saw the work they were doing with some of our favorite Atlanta area businesses on very social platforms.  We were in the process of searching for someone new to handle our social media efforts and it was pretty obvious from our initial meeting that Shantel, Margot and the team at Imagine were a great fit for us.  As a very hands on business owner, I work with them weekly reviewing our posts and have come to enjoy the association even more over time, not only for the wonderfully creative work that they do for us but for the collaboration of ideas that we share which I think is strengthening both of our companies.  I have a ton of ideas and it is so refreshing to work with young talent that can take these ideas and turn them into increased opportunities for jdouglas.  The more we interact, the more opportunities arise for enhanced support from Imagine and I couldn’t be more pleased." - Doug, Owner, jdouglas


“3 years ago when I opened my store I was excited to use my creativity and background in marketing to help grow my business. As I quickly discovered all the other responsibilities that would need my attention and my marketing goals began to take a backseat. Shantel and Margot at Imagine Media have been the perfect solution.  They make the process so easy and I have been so impressed with how they have learned my business, presented new ideas, and effectively communicate in “my voice” to help expand my presence on the social media outlets.” -Shayla, Owner, Pretty Please


“My business partner and I have just opened our store, SKIRT, a few months ago. If it wasn’t for their team, I don’t know if we could have done it. Not only did their creativity and technical savvy mindset help launch our growing business, they have held our hands through the whole process. They have helped keep our business young through Instagram and Facebook while at the same time our emails posts are something everyone looks forward to getting. Thank you!” -Janet, Owner, SKIRT