(verb) | iˈmajen

form a mental image or concept of
ex: Imagine a team that brings color and life to your marketing goals and social media vision.


Content Creation

This is what it’s all about! We custom make content just for you after an extensive study of your brand voice. The content we create is visually appealing, sharable, unique and always carefully curated to meet your exact needs.


Photography & Styling

Imagine Media prides itself on professional styling and photography. We have the best-of-the-best in-house creative team and can quickly turn your branded vision into a reality. Check out some of our work here.



Imagine telling a bold story and creating a movement out of lifestyle footage. Imagine Media wants to take your social media experiences to the next level with branded and organic messaging with videos and GIFs. With the rapidly changing landscape of content marketing, we believe video is the most important next step. Check out some our videos on our YouTube channel here.


Digital Marketing Campaigns

In this day in age, you have to pay to play when it comes to social media. Our Digital Marketing Department listens to your needs, locates your target market online and carefully crafts paid campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. These campaigns result in REAL results — just ask our raving fans!


Analytics & Reporting

Our unbeatable Digital Marketing team supplies in-depth monthly reports including analytics across all social platforms that highlight growth and engagement. From here, we are able to draw conclusions and alter strategy according to audience behavior. Better yet? We are constantly monitoring the shifts and changes in social and will ensure that your brand is jumping on opportunities to be the best of the best.



The experts at Imagine Media create compelling content for your website & subscriber list to attract click-through rates, boost SEO and give your page and brand a leg up on your competitors.


Strategic Partnerships

We all know that social nedia is never a party of one. Imagine Media utilizes a network of influencers to ensure that your brand is a part of a larger community and that your voice is heard.



When you partner with Imagine Media, you gain a team filled to the brim with non-stop creativity, industry expertise and out-of-the-box ideas. We’re your biggest fans from day one and can’t wait to share our knowledge with you!


Corporate Training

Not ready to take the plunge but interested in learning more about social media? We’ll come to you with a personalized Social Media Audit and equip you with the tools to build a strategic online presence.