Ep #81 | Bite-Size Chunks


King of Pops was born as a result of a layoff, a trip to Latin America and a popsicle dream. In true founder fashion Steven has never walked into King of Pops without a new idea and a pat on the back for the crew. His mind never stops moving, producing on average 100 ideas per week, and though most of them are beyond the possibilities, the 1% that make the cut are true gold. Steven has founded four additional companies as an answer to business needs: Tree Elves, King of Crops, King of Pups, and Perfect 10 Foods. He loves his community, his King of Pops family, and he truly couldn’t envision a different life. Steven Carse is one-of-a-kind; he has a really big heart and his employees are proud to have an owner who cares about their well-being as much as he does.