Ep #87 | Relentless Optimism


Matt Pfaltzgraf, Founder and CEO of Softgiving, is a payment processing expert whose mission is to revolutionize the way people can support nonprofits through passive recurring fundraising technology. Prior to launching Softgiving, Matt was the Regional Payment Association Director at SHAZAM®, where he handled critical issues including ACH rules and regulations, payment security, and emerging financial technologies. During his time in the payment industry and severing as fundraising chair for many nonprofits, Matt observed firsthand the difficulties nonprofits had raising money for important causes.

Armed with his payment processing background and passion for helping cause-based organizations, Matt saw a gap in the marketplace, and that is when Softgiving was born. Softgiving's innovative fundraising technology enables nonprofits of all sizes to expand their donor base while increasing retention and engagement through passive donation solutions that better fit their supporters’ lifestyle. From humbling beginnings, as a child, Matt was once on the receiving end of charity from nonprofits, but now he empowers them through Softgiving's innovative fundraising solutions.