Mother's Day Gift Guide

We love our Mama's here at Imagine Media, and while we like to think that we spoil them on the regular, we welcome any and every holiday that gives us an extra chance to let them know just how appreciated they really are. We've been dreaming up the perfect gifts for a couple of weeks now already, and our first go-to's are, naturally, some of our fabulous clients:  



1.) What Mom really wants is a card telling her how much you love her. It doesn't have to be handmade like when you were six, but a heartfelt card is still a Mother's Day necessity. Find a variety of sweet cards at Erika Reade Ltd.

2.) My own amazing mother once told me that a house isn't complete without some fresh flowers. I've adopted this little motto as my own, and Lucy's Market provides the best fresh bouquets out there. You better get your orders in to Lucy's quick though. With the most beautiful arrangements in all of Atlanta, they're sure to be busy, busy this week!

3.) Whether the woman you're buying for has a cute little child the age of two or children in their twenties, she definitely deserves a day at the spa. Let her know how much you appreciate all of her countless hours of hard work with a gift card to Natural Body Spa and Shop in Buckhead. Cucumber water and a massage coming right up!

4.) I've heard the one thing that Mom's really love for Mother's Day is a day off from the cooking and the dishes. While I can barely manage cooking for two, I applaud all of the Mom's out there cooking for an entire family day in and day out. Treat her to a delicious dinner at 1kept. Wine, appetizers, entrees, and dessert. Now that's the type of perfect love language I'm talkin' about!

5.) We know, she says she doesn't want or need anything. Same story every year, right? Well, she definitely wants this clutch from Res Ipsa. Go ahead and just trust us on this one.


Post by Allie Nute