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Shoppable Instagram

With our world becoming more digital every day, we see every platform increase their engagement with their viewers. Instagram, in particular, has been an avid social media app that is dedicated to creating new tools and features to increase engagement..

Facebook Updates Aimed to Increase Engagement

Facebook Updates Aimed to Increase Engagement

Following in Instagram’s footsteps, Facebook has been making some updates recently to increase engagement. The first update is the “things in common” labels which are being tested to appear above comments from people who aren’t in your social network on posts you are viewing. The other recent Facebook changes come from Facebook’s Creative Shop team. They have developed some methods to help businesses create videos for their Facebook advertising campaigns.

How to Avoid Digital Overwhelm

How to Avoid Digital Overwhelm

With Scroll Free September on the horizon, many conversations are turning to strategies for unplugging. While we know we couldn’t actually go cold-turkey since we’re in the social media biz, we recognize the importance of prioritizing human interactions and stepping away from our devices. At Imagine Media we encourage our team to find balance. Whether it’s a positive balance of work and life, a healthy balance of tacos in the evening and a green juice for breakfast or a balance between scrolling through Instagram on the couch while binge-watching Netflix and the next day going for a 10-mile hike -- we get it!

If you’re feeling like your relationship with the social media world is doing more harm than good, we’ve rounded up some ways that we find balance from the digital overwhelm to help you tackle Scroll Free September however you feel best.

Facebook Dating Feature


Step aside, Bumble, Facebook Dating is coming to the scene. Although Facebook does not plan to launch a standalone app, the feature will exist within Facebook’s app. The dating feature will be for intentional relationships, not just one night stands.

With privacy being a continued concern, Facebook Dating users won’t have to worry about their love life being displayed in their news feed. The interactions will not be shared, and only those who have the feature turned on will be able to find you.

Facebook Dating hasn’t hit public accounts yet and the team is internally testing it (but not actually dating their coworkers). Keep an eye on our blog to see when the feature hits public accounts!

Story By: Sophie Duncan

How Social Media ‘Challenges’ Could Be Beneficial for Your Brand


Every few months a huge challenge starts trending on social media. Right now thanks to Drake’s new song “In My Feelings,” we have a dance challenge going viral. It has instantly become a hit, just like past challenges such as the running man challenge. Many celebrities have decided to jump on the bandwagon and make videos. Ciara, Russell Wilson, Millie Bobby Brown, and Will Smith are a few of the bunch that have posted their versions. All it takes is a hashtag and a video for you to instantly go viral. So you may be wondering, could a social media challenge be good for your brand?

Believe it or not, a social media challenge can help you increase engagement. Teens and social media users love trending topics like this so being a part of one or creating your own could help your business. Joining in on a trending challenge is an entertaining way to get interaction from your followers. For many, it may be unexpected to see a business jump in on a challenge. However, surprising your followers can be a great advantage. This move makes you distinctive and it can set you apart from others. Besides just jumping in on a viral video, you could even create your own! It may not be as famous as the Mannequin challenge or ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but it could generate some great feedback from your followers. Along with that, create a hashtag to motivate your followers to join in and tag you in it. To get people even more involved try offering a contest or giveaway. If a gift card or anything free is involved, people will come running! This will motivate more people to jump in and give it a shot. 

If you’re going to give this a shot have fun with it! However, make sure it matches your voice and style. If it doesn’t, maybe reevaluate or come up with a new idea. If you’re looking for a new engaging strategy, this could be perfect for you.

Story by: Hannah Lagod  


Social Media for Good


There’s no doubt that social media has changed life as we know it. From how we communicate, to how we shop and even to how we learn about new things. With the announcement of Scroll Free September, the conversation has shifted to the negative aspects of social media such as depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, cyberbullying, negative body image and even just overall FOMO (fear of missing out).

While we agree that it’s extremely important to raise awareness about the negative effects of social media, it’s also valuable to highlight the ways that social media has made a positive impact on the world. From fundraising to informal learning opportunities, to connecting organ donorsand bringing important causes to light, social media, just like any form of media, plays a large role in impacting our world for both good and bad. On a smaller scale, social media connects friends to their distant loved ones all over the world, helping them not feel so far away.

As with anything, the best way to use social media for good is to curate your content from the heart. As the Instagram celebrity @yoga_girl says in her Ted Talk about social media, if you only post your highlight reel without incorporating your true self, you are putting off an unrealistic expectation of you and/or your business. Followers will most likely connect to content that they feel is relatable and sincere. Which is why from a business perspective it’s important to tell your story because that’s what most strongly resonates with audiences on social media.

If you choose to participate in Scroll Free September, we hope that you return from a social media hiatus with a renewed perspective of how these platforms can be used to promote more good in the world. Whether it be connecting a consumer to the solution they need, connecting old friends who have lost touch or creating new communities who would never have known each other prior, we celebrate social media and our active choice to participate in it to spread more good in the world.

Check out how social media has impacted the Imagine Media team here

Story By: Sophie Duncan

Scroll Free September


Across the pond in England, the National Health Service is taking a stand on social media’s impact on mental health. The Royal Public Health Society is urging social media users to take the month of September off Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

While some avid users are committing to going completely cold turkey, others are are encouraging taking small steps such as avoiding social media after 6 pm or labelling the bedroom as a scroll-free zone.

While the organizers of Scroll Free September aren’t deeming social media as evil altogether, their intention for this initiative came from the desire to encourage balance. Although social media has completely revolutionized the way we communicate with each other, it can have some serious negative effects such as cyberbullying, poor sleep, depression, and anxiety. The event is intended to encourage users to check in with themselves and decide what aspects of social media make them feel good, and what parts have a negative impact on their well being.

Considering that social media is literally our job here at Imagine Media, we’re not sure if we could ever go cold turkey, but we are in full support of finding balance. We all feel digital overwhelm from time to time, and our best way to combat that is to put down our phones and get outside to exercise, meet friends for some good food (that we won’t put on our Instagram Story) or getting nose-deep in a good book in a moody coffee shop. If you choose to partake in Scroll Free September, we hope to see you back in October with a refreshed perspective on why social media is important and how to avoid the negativity. ✌🏼

Story By: Sophie Duncan

Gearing Up For IGTV


One of the most challenging and exciting aspects of the social media business is staying up to date on the latest trends and newest platforms. When our team gets news of an update, we make sure we include a discussion about it in our weekly meeting. This ensures that we are always at the top of our game, delivering our partners the best services for their industry.

This week our account team will, of course, be discussing IGTV, Instagram’s competitive answer to YouTube. With this new update, Instagram is allowing users to post video content up to an hour long. This is a significant escalation from Instagram’s former 60-second limit on video content. A dedicated IGTV app will also accompany this feature. Given that Instagram recently reached 1 billion monthly users, this new long-form video feature will have a large audience to cater to.

The pressing question within Imagine Media’s walls is how can we put this new tool to use for our partners? To say that our video team is excited would be an understatement. This new feature will no doubt allow for an extended list of video options that we can offer to our partners in order to create a new means of reaching their target audiences.

Stay tuned to Imagine Media’s social channels and learn how we will be implementing IGTV into our social strategy!

Story By: Sophie Duncan