Pinterest: Now Pinned at the Top

Pinterest: Now Pinned at the Top

Amidst the slowing growth of Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is celebrating a milestone of 250 million users. Launched back in 2010, Pinterest has taken the world by storm allowing users to engage in a way that, prior to their launch, had yet to be tapped in to. With a single click of a button, hundreds upon thousands of ideas can now be saved in a highly organized manner.

Pinterest Trends We're Loving This Summer


Pinterest has released its top search trends for June, and the results can help drive your following on the platform. As the summer months roll in, the typical searches for BBQ recipes and bikinis are at the top of the list, but there are some more unexpected searches that you should know about if your business is using Pinterest in their social media strategy.

There’s no doubt that summer is a great time to party. From pool parties to baseball tailgates, there’s always a new, creative way to celebrate the warmer weather. However, trending right now on Pinterest are stargazing parties. That’s right! It’s the summer equivalent of a fall backyard bonfire, and we’re loving the cute themes that people are posting on Pinterest.

Tattoos are a huge hit on Pinterest no matter what the season, but this June elegant tattoos, quote tattoos, and coordinate tattoos are getting the most hits. Thinking about getting some ink this summer? Remember that tattoos are permanent, not just for the season!

With great BBQ’s must come an assortment of creative sauce options. If you’re throwing a BBQ bash this summer, be sure to do your Pinterest research for the perfect sauce. Trending right now is, of course, traditional BBQ sauce, but also Cowboy Butter and Boom Boom Sauce! Never heard of them? Learn how to make them and become everyone’s favorite party host.

Frosé is out, and white wine slushies are officially tagged in. Scroll through the collection of recipes for the perfect refreshment to your poolside party!

No summer outfit is complete without a stunning pair of shades. This summer,  according to Pinterest it seems that orange sunglasses are all the rage. They have some tasteful ways to style orange with every summer outfit.

Swim fashion trends are revealing that off the shoulder suits, one-pieces, and plunging necklines are at the top of everyone’s searches right now. Make sure you’re lake or beach ready by checking in to Pinterest's trending styles.

Keeping up with the trends allows you to post content that is in line with what’s popular among your followers. Follow Imagine’s social networks for more social media news.

Story By: Sophie Duncan

Pinterest Cover Image

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 1.32.33 PM.png

Pinterest has introduced a new business profile that gives users more creative freedom on how they display their brand on Pinterest.

Business accounts can add a new cover image that will highlight what content they want their page visitors to see first. By showing their most recently pinned items or highlighting a particular board, accounts can make use of this dynamic cover image.

We love to educate our partners on the benefits of different social platforms and Pinterest for business isn’t always the most obvious platform for some of our partners. Click here to learn how you can use Pinterest for any business and be sure to check in with our blog to stay up to date on social media news.

Story By: Sophie Duncan

Mood Boards 101

Mood Boards 101

When we begin our creative journey with a client, it often starts with a mood board. Mood boards are an effective way to communicate the high-level aesthetic before the more detailed creative process begins. This tool gives the client an expectation for what the finished project will look like and makes sure that everyone is on the same page from the start. Designing a mood board can be a challenge if you’ve never done it before. We’ve outlined a strategy for composing a mood board that you’ll be proud of and your client will love.