Imagine Media Core Values

Imagine Media Core Values

Most professionals might be familiar with core values as a list of abstract words that get posted on the wall in your office, introduced to you during your orientation and then never heard of again. At Imagine Media we approach our core values with sincerity and they are part of our daily conversations, celebrations and goals. This is why it was huge news last week when our leadership team announced that we were going to make some changes to our core values. The updates included shortening the descriptions of each core value in order to make them more memorable and changing our I-word from “Innovative” to “Integrity.” Given that we live and breathe these core values, it was very important to our leadership team to know that these were still values that resonated with us as a whole. The team was excited about these small, but mighty changes to our guiding truths. So how do we put these values into practice? Check out this list of ways that the Imagine Media team incorporates core values into our everyday processes and long term goals.

Quarter 3: Imagine University

Quarter 3: Imagine University

This quarter the Imagineers have been working hard on a new concept that we’ve introduced to the Imagine Media culture: Imagine University. Each week we have collaborated as a team to create emails that will be sent out to our new hires in a drip campaign style over the first three months of their time with us. Each weekly email has a theme and subsections that expand upon that theme. The teammates receive the emails on Monday and to reinforce the learning, each email also has action items that the teammate will be responsible for completing by the end of the week. We’ve found that this system of information delivery is working well to help our new teammates assimilate into the Imagine Media culture.

Social Media for Good


There’s no doubt that social media has changed life as we know it. From how we communicate, to how we shop and even to how we learn about new things. With the announcement of Scroll Free September, the conversation has shifted to the negative aspects of social media such as depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, cyberbullying, negative body image and even just overall FOMO (fear of missing out).

While we agree that it’s extremely important to raise awareness about the negative effects of social media, it’s also valuable to highlight the ways that social media has made a positive impact on the world. From fundraising to informal learning opportunities, to connecting organ donorsand bringing important causes to light, social media, just like any form of media, plays a large role in impacting our world for both good and bad. On a smaller scale, social media connects friends to their distant loved ones all over the world, helping them not feel so far away.

As with anything, the best way to use social media for good is to curate your content from the heart. As the Instagram celebrity @yoga_girl says in her Ted Talk about social media, if you only post your highlight reel without incorporating your true self, you are putting off an unrealistic expectation of you and/or your business. Followers will most likely connect to content that they feel is relatable and sincere. Which is why from a business perspective it’s important to tell your story because that’s what most strongly resonates with audiences on social media.

If you choose to participate in Scroll Free September, we hope that you return from a social media hiatus with a renewed perspective of how these platforms can be used to promote more good in the world. Whether it be connecting a consumer to the solution they need, connecting old friends who have lost touch or creating new communities who would never have known each other prior, we celebrate social media and our active choice to participate in it to spread more good in the world.

Check out how social media has impacted the Imagine Media team here

Story By: Sophie Duncan

Meet Rachel!


Meet Rachel, our Social Media Ambassadors!

Rachel graduated from Auburn University (War Eagle!) where she studied marketing. She is passionate about relationships and all things creative, which is what brought her to Imagine! Rachel will be supporting our Food and Beverage Pod.

Rachel loves meeting new people and is incapable of walking past a dog without petting it. When she’s not working, you can find her having a game night with her friends, buying yet another book she probably won’t finish, or practicing calligraphy.

Story By: Rachel Knights

Meet Katie!


Meet Katie, our newest Social Media Coordinator!

Following her graduation from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Communications and a concentration in Public Relations, she was offered an opportunity in New York City where she worked in the fashion industry for just shy of 2 years. While Katie loved the fast paced city life, as an Atlanta native she knew those brutal northeast winters would definitely be bringing her back to “hotlanta” soon enough… but only for the perfect opportunity.

Katie feels so incredibly lucky to have found everything she loves in one place at Imagine: social media, fashion/lifestyle and the comfort of being back in her home state - all while being surrounded by the most inspiring and creative minds everyday.

If you can’t find her in the office, she’s either catching up on the latest runway trends, at the mall with her sister, Molly, instilling the most diligent shopping techniques in her 15-month old niece, Camdynn (gotta start ’em young) or convincing her friends and family to quit their diets and eat cupcakes + Zaxbys with her for every meal. She strives to be an encouraging and positive light in the lives of those she surrounds herself with and she strongly believes you can accomplish anything with the right mindset!

Story By: Katie Salin

Tips and Tricks: How To Create a Great Brand Voice


Everything you put out into the world from your brand’s social media builds the personality of your company – that is your brand's voice! Creating a brand voice is imperative because a it helps solidify the purpose and motivation behind a business. It’s how you connect with your audience and keep them coming back to you. Here are some tips on how to guarantee you get your brand voice across in the way you want.

1. Create the character for your brand

It is essential to know your brand inside and out to create a good brand voice. You need find out its personality - funny, quirky, professional, matter-of-fact. This choice will depend on how you want an audience to perceive your brand. An easy way to start is by choosing a few adjectives to describe what your brand is, and what your brand is not. Be as specific as you can. Examples include: confident but humble, social but not boisterous, clever but not sarcastic. Essentially, you are building who you are as a brand and giving viewers a reason that sets you apart from the competition. In short: define your voice, then keep it consistent.

2. Know your target audience

This one seems fairly simple, but it is something easily overlooked. You need to understand your target audience, who you are trying to reach and what they care about. Speak in way that is relevant to them, and in ways they want to receive the information. For example, would it be more effective to reach someone in your target via a native advertising article or a short funny clip?

3. Be authentic

While it is important to strategize in creating your brand voice, be careful that you do not sacrifice authenticity. Though using other brands as inspiration for creating your own in the beginning can be a great jumping off point, you do not want to be something you are not. If you lose what makes you unique, it comes off as fake or trying too hard to an audience and it will show through. You want to give an audience a personal look at your brand, and being fake or unauthentic will not get you the audience you want. Every brand should be willing to open up and relax. Regardless of what your brand voice is, authenticity is key.

4. Evolve

The final important part of brand voice is to just keep moving forward. If you do not get a solid brand voice right away, that’s okay, just keep trying until you figure out what you are going for. Brand voice is like language, it is fluid. It changes and adapts at every stage of a brand’s life cycle. Because our world is ever-changing, as a brand you need to be adaptable and be a lifelong-learner. Ultimately, never be “finished” creating your brand voice.

Story by: Amanda Carneglia


Meet Hannah


Meet Hannah, one of our Social Media Ambassadors!Hannah is so excited to join the Imagine team this summer! She is currently a rising junior at James Madison University studying communication studies with a concentration in public relations. She is a Marietta native always looking for a reason to spend more time in the city.

When looking for a summer job, Hannah was searching for a place where she could learn, grow, and get back to the South. Hannah attends school in Virginia and couldn't wait to come back to the warmer weather this summer. When she discovered Imagine Media, she knew it was the perfect fit! Hannah values hard work, organization, and creativity. She loves to get the job done and challenge herself! This summer she is excited to learn and collaborate with the team and other ambassadors.

When she is not working, Hannah loves spending time in the water. She is a student-athlete at JMU where she is a member of the swim team. When Hannah is spending time "on land," she is eating Mexican food, watching her favorite television series, or cheering on her favorite sports teams.

Meet Amanda


Meet Amanda – Mandy for short, comes to us from The University of Georgia studying Advertising with a Studio Art minor. She attended UGA with the intention of following her passion for creative work and business marketing, trying to find a way to combine them. Born and raised in Marietta, this suburban native dreams of working in the big peach city of ATL for an amazing company like Imagine Media.

She loves staying busy by being involved at her work place in Athens, having a full schedule of classes, or creating work in the art studio. She has an adventurous spirit and loves trying new things! When not working, you can find her traveling constantly with friends to see live shows or to attend music festivals. She also loves hiking, eating out with friends, or making creative graphics for every occasion.

Mandy looks forward to meeting creative and hard-working people like the amazing team at Imagine Media. She values those who are innovative, supportive, and have a free spirit.