YouTube Launches Stories


Since Snapchat Stories got the ball rolling, the craze has yet to stop. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn followed right behind them creating their own version of a 24-hour live story. It was only time before YouTube followed in these same footsteps. They video platform has recently announced the launch of “YouTube Stories”.

YouTube will allow stories to be displayed for seven days in the app in order for followers to catch up on their favorite YouTubers and streamers. YouTube Stories will be slightly different from traditional video posts, because of the addition of text, music, filters, and stickers you are able to add directly to the Story. These Stories will be displayed in a ‘Story Bar’ at the top of the YouTube app showcasing the latest stories from the people you follow. Stories will only be available to YouTubers with 10k+ subscribers when the app addition is first launched in order for it to be accurately tested. This, of course, could be changed if the new feature becomes popular and highly viewed.

With Youtube being heavily saturated with videos, it makes sense for users to have the option of a Story feature. Only time will tell if the new update will be a hit across all social media platforms, but if it worked for Snapchat and Instagram, why can’t it work for every platform to some extent?

Story By: Kelsey Currie