YouTube Launches An Experimental App!

On March 11, 2017, Google’s internal incubator, Area 120, announced the launch of an experimental app titled Uptime. Uptime allows users to watch videos with their family and friends. 

Most of the content in Uptime are "StaffPicks" which include a range of content, from cat videos to TV show clips to funny videos and others that make sense for co-watching.

The app is still working out it's kinks and lacking a bit of features like its ability find videos by genre, as well as a search box to discover those that have already been shared to the network. Uptime also does not support live streaming quite yet, but this and other features could be added if its creators continue its development and experiment with different types of content.

Uptime is invite-only from the App Store or Google Play , but we're told the invite code may or may not be “pizza” to get. Let us know what you think about the latest feature and if you've tested it out yourself yet. 

Story by Barbara