Getting Started with YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads are an easy way to show off everything your brand has to offer to your target audience. You can get started by simply uploading a video to YouTube. The YouTube ad will appear before other YouTube videos, in the search results or beside a playing video.

There's no need to worry about the budget of the YouTube ads either because it's all under your control. You are only charged when someone engages with your YouTube ad. If the viewer chooses to skip your ad before 30 seconds then you do not get charged.

YouTube offers a variety of options to ensure that you reach the right viewers for your brand. You have the choice to target by gender, location, age and much more. If you are ever curious as to how well your ads are performing then head over to YouTube's built-in analytics section where it will break down all of your results for you.

You are also given the chance to make as many adjustments to your YouTube ad as you would like at any time. If you're having fun with your first YouTube ad, feel free to run multiple ads all at once because well it's an option!

Does it sound too good to be true? Well try it out and have some fun! Simply upload your video on YouTube or select any videos already on your channel, set your budget and choose who you want to see your YouTube ad.

Check out some of the most popular YouTube ads to get an idea below! 

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Story by: Barbara Rego