Your Guide to the Best Business Podcasts

You can normally find me in the car listening to some array of podcasts. Recently I've been rotating between Goal Digger, the Influencer, and Dais. You're sure to love lots of other options that relate to business, but below you can find my top picks for the best business podcasts. Tune in and let me know what you think! 

Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher

Jenna Kutcher is my girl. The Goal Digger podcast is a lifestyle workshop podcast that provides the steps that people need when they are chasing their dreams. You can expect a lot from Jenna and the Goal Digger podcast. Jenna features entrepreneurs from a variety of fields who share their stores of chasing their dreams. She also talks about her personal success as a wedding photographer and her current success in the Goal Digger empire. Jenna does more than just podcasting. She has workshops and webinars that truly prove her ability to be an educator in the social media and influencer sphere.

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The Influencer by Julie Solomon

Julie is a master at branding and marketing strategies for influencers. She’s a personable podcast host who is knowledgeable in every category that relates to social media and influencing. The Influencer podcast is truly a representation of Julie’s strong journalism background where she explores the in and outs of today’s top social influencers and industry elites. Julie is similar to Jenna in the fact that they both feature influencers on their podcasts. It’s so encouraging to hear from the people that these podcasters are discussing. When Julie brings her guests on the podcast it allows listeners to connect and put a face to the name. It’s so easy to recognize the respect that the guests have for Julie. They celebrate her for her strengths in social media marketing! With the trust of her guests, Julie almost immediately captures her listeners. Each guest shares a unique story of how social media influences them and their platform.

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Dais Podcast by Rachel Hollis

It will only take you one episode to truly fall in love with Rachel from Dais podcast. Rachel is a creator at her core. She started out as an event planner whose blog started to gain traction as time passed. She’s been blogging about food, relationships, and fashion on The Chic Site where she tries to master it all while raising 4 tiny humans! Dais podcast is probably the most unique out of the three on this list. Rachel has created a community for women to connect online. Her podcast features a wide range of topics from Turning Your Side Hustle Into A Multi-million Dollar Business (feat Erin Condren!!!), to Online Marketing Tips with Amy Porterfield, to 5 Tips To Keep Your Marriage Spark Alive, and even encouraging messages that remind you that you are made for more!

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I'd love to know what everyone thinks about these podcasts in particular, but as a podcast lover myself I'd love some recommendations for the best ones I should tune into. 

Story By: Anna Kate Newall