Winning Relationships: Social Media Coordinator & Creative Team


This quarter at Imagine Media we are focusing on building and strengthening relationships. Internal and external, these winning relationships are what keep us feeling fulfilled and charges our creative workflow. This week I’m focusing on a special internal relationship that builds our partner’s brand presence in a visual way - the relationship between Social Media Coordinator (myself) and the geniuses that make up the creative team. This squad consists of our photographer, creative team lead, graphic designer, videographer and a couple stellar interns.

The creative team meets weekly to discuss any upcoming photoshoots. They take direction and feedback from me and turn the client’s vision/direction into beautiful photos and videos. Take a step into one of these meetings and their creative energies will suck you in, it’s incredible. The ideas that bounce around that room are inspiring to say the least. My relationship with this kick ass team doesn’t stop here. During photoshoots we all work together, making their ideas come to life seamlessly.

Our internal relationships at Imagine Media are incredibly valued. We work in a very collaborative workspace and rarely go a full day without putting our heads together for a quick brainstorm session. Once the photos are finished from a recent photoshoot, I’m always excited to review them with the creative team and then share with the partner to blow them away with the final products!

Check back for my next relationships post where I’ll highlight an external #winning relationship; our partners are just as much part of the Imagine Media family as an internal team member.



Story by: Carolyn Whalen