Winning Relationships - IM & Our Partners

We call them ‘partners’ not ‘clients’ for a reason. We believe in equal partnership and it starts from day one! We’re one big family at Imagine and believe that taking on new partners is just like bringing on new teammates. Here’s what we look for in a winning partner relationship:

All of our partners share one common thread - their passion. One of my favorite parts of taking on a new partner is hearing why they started the business and where the passion, determination and drive comes from. For some partners there is a specific time and place they remember deciding to start their business. For example, Nate Hybl founder of our partner gusto!, recently shared with us his “ah hah!” moment when he decided the name of his restaurant would come from the latin word for ‘enjoyment or vigor in doing something.’ Gusto became his mantra and clicked for the name of what would become one of Atlanta’s popular fast-casual restaurant chains. These kind of stories are what drive us forward in taking our partner’s businesses to the next level.


The relationship between Imagine Media and all of our partners challenges, inspires and motivates us to exceed expectations every day.


Story By: Carolyn Whalen