Will the 2017 Commercials Rise Up?

RISE UP! The Falcons are headed to Houston for the big game!


We are pumped to watch the Falcons take on the Patriots, but after Matt Ryan throws touchdowns we’ll be anxiously awaiting the commercial breaks!

This Sunday's game is not only an event for the die-hard Falcons (or dare we say it..Patriots) fan, but also those just there for the food and entertainment. There is no other time during the entire year that nearly 111 million viewers tune in to watch the same event. This legendary football game has the power to draw in viewers, capture our attention, and keep us interested for the entirety of the game.

How we ask? …commercials.

The game, the half time show, and commercials! That’s what the big game is all about. The winners get their rings, the half time show has the hype, but the commercials steal the show with their entertainment and ability to sell to the largest television audience of the year. This year advertisers are dishing out close to $4 million per advertisement during the game—talk about breaking the bank!

So what makes these commercials so special? The anticipation. And it’s killing us!

The commercials are unique and funny, even the bad ones are trending on twitter for weeks.  

With the growth of social media in recent years, not only are ads being teased online, but also through social media channels to create more hype around the commercials. Pepsi Co. has turned to their Instagram to stream behind the scenes footage of Lady Gaga’s highly talked about half time performance. Wix took to the new Facebook Live to stream a teaser of their new ad, and Intel posted a clip of their potential ad starring the one and only Tom Brady (we have a feeling he’ll be getting a lot of face time). These companies understand our anticipation. Their provoking posts are only making us more excited to see the full ads during the big game!

The past few years have been good to Doritos, Pepsi, and Budweiser, who have all succeeded in having the most popular advertisements. We are eagerly waiting to see what they have come up with for this year!

Sunday, February 3rd we are saying bye to our bathroom breaks and hello to over-the-top commercials! We will not be missing out on these!

Story by: Colby Sycoff