Will Facebook Ads be able to Predict the Future?


Yes, you read that correctly. Despite the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook is developing a new ad targeting option which would enable brands to target users based on predicted actions. Meaning, you could receive a Facebook advertisement based on things you haven't done yet. 

As explained by Sam Biddle in The Intercept:

“..the [confidential] document touts Facebook’s ability to “predict future behavior,” allowing companies to target people on the basis of decisions they haven’t even made yet. This would, potentially, give third parties the opportunity to alter a consumer’s anticipated course. For example, Facebook explains how it can comb through its entire user base of over 2 billion individuals and produce millions of people who are “at risk” of jumping ship from one brand to a competitor. These individuals could then be targeted aggressively with advertising that could pre-empt and change their decision entirely — something Facebook calls “improved marketing efficiency.”

Weird, right? The thought of marketers having the ability to get so granular with their targeting that they would be able to target you based on actions you haven't even completed yet sounds a little off-putting. However, this can be valuable to the consumer as well. It has been proven that consumers accept and are more likely to convert when messaging is personalized to them and their interests. With this new update, the personalization and relevance factors would be practically guaranteed. 

Although the feature has yet to roll out - and, due to recent privacy breaches, it's likely there will be a delay - we're looking forward to sharing all of the details in the months to come. Check back for more social media and advertising updates! 


Story By: Devyn Lamon