Why Your Team Needs Off-Site Planning Days


The Imagineers have recently returned from our annual off-site team retreat refreshed and eager to work toward accomplishing our 2019 goals one day at a time. Our two-night stay at Lake Oconee provided a tranquil environment to reflect on the past year, do some serious team bonding, and think big picture for the year ahead.

Other than the obvious perk of a gorgeous lakeside view, it’s beneficial to be removed from the office when strategizing internally to encourage a different type of mentality. Through fun exercises and activities that promoted team collaboration, each and every Imagineer felt empowered to speak up and brainstorm ways to take the company to the next level - together. If your team doesn’t or can’t do a yearly retreat, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have productive company- or department-wide brainstorming sessions. Here are three main benefits of an annual retreat that your team can get from quarterly off-site planning together.

  1. Team Bonding: There’s nothing that makes a tight knit group even tighter than road tripping and bunking up with your work wife! Spending quality time outside of work together is the easiest way to get to know your coworkers on a more personal level and develop a deeper level of trust that carries over to the work place. Our off-site planning retreat promotes building relationships internally, which ultimately builds a successful workforce.

  2. Increased Productivity: Taking the time to drive to a neutral location for our annual retreat allows the team to escape from the normal daily work environment and really hone in on our agenda for the retreat. We’ve found an increased concentration and focus when taking the team to a new location to reflect, brainstorm and think strategically.

  3. Company Culture: Imagine Media prides itself on its company culture, and the off-site retreat is one event that our team looks forward to all year. Removing ourselves from the office cultivates a connection as one unit, bringing together the digital, creative, sales and account teams. Just as much team building takes place as we cook and clean together as it does during our strategic planning sessions. A new environment inspires positivity and creative thinking while energizing the team to celebrate together.

Check out some highlights from last year in our 2018 Recap video here.

Also, if you’re looking for a space to have an off-site annual or quarterly planning day, look no further! We have an amazing studio space available to rent. Take a virtual tour here and reach out to Sophie@imaginemediaconsulting.com if you’re interested in booking.

Written By: Kim McCafferty