Why you should be using Popups on your Online Store


No one likes pop-ups, yet they are nearly impossible to avoid. Why would e-commerce owners, who are constantly working to win over the hearts of their audience, use this annoying marketing tactic? The simple answer… they work.

Believe it or not, popups, when implemented correctly, popups are extremely effective and have yielded some pretty impressive results. For example, In a test done by an Etsy user, popups drove 1,375% more email captures vs. a sidebar opt-in form.

In another test, a website was receiving only 10 to 15 subscribers per day despite getting over 44,000 unique visitors each day. After implementing a popup with a 60-second delay, they began receiving 100-150 emails per day.

There are endless examples of popups increasing leads, sales, and more circulating the internet. Now, if you’re still skeptical, we understand. Some would say that popups are the bane of online shoppers’ existence, but the more a popup stands out, the more likely a viewer is going to remember it.

We don’t recommend installing pop-ups on every corner of your website, however, we do recommend that you research where your audience spends time on your site and install tasteful popups accordingly.

You can find some resources for creating popups here, or learn more about how pop-ups can help your last minute holiday efforts here!