Why "Why?" is More than just a Question

With the variety of social media platforms at our disposal today, businesses and individuals alike can create an overall image of themselves and tell their own, unique story through sharing original and curated content. Businesses promote themselves via social platforms by explaining who they are and what they do. They feature their products and advertise sales that are stylistically in line with their overall brand image. One very important aspect of a brand’s story is answering their “why?” or their purpose for providing their products and services.

Highlighting your why, your core purpose, the reason you get up in the morning, carries a weight and a significance that your audience will pay attention to. If you can get customers to stand behind your why, you have the ability to establish and grow brand loyalty that goes much deeper than, “I like their product.” Or, “They are nice people.” Or, “Their Instagram is cool.”

Having your why in the foreground of your social media presence can drive your audiences to explore their own inner-why, and if theirs matches up to yours, chances are you’ll have long lasting customer relationships.


Story by: Clara Sims