5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Cut Social Media from Your Marketing Strategy


When we say “marketing,” what comes to mind? You might think of TV commercials, magazine ads and other types of traditional marketing. This has been the way to get your message and product out for years. With social media marketing being so new, we know it can seem risky to branch out and invest in a new form of digital marketing. Even though it may seem nerve-wracking to dive head first into it, it’s worth the investment and can be incredibly valuable.

Here are a 5 reasons why using social media to reach your target audience should be a priority for your company.

1. Measurability

One of the most valuable aspects of social media marketing is the ability to measure many different aspects of your posts and advertisements. Many social media platforms are able to track demographic information, website clicks and purchases made from an ad — just to name a few. With so much information, there are endless combinations of metrics that you can gather from marketing on social media.

Traditional forms of marketing, like print ads or billboards, don’t have the ability to see all of these insights. So many actions can be tracked to better understand your audience on social in a way that isn’t possible with other kinds of advertising.

2. Brand Trust and Credibility

Many social media users expect some sort of online presence from brands in order to establish trust. As younger audiences become more and more involved with technology, they turn to social media as their first step in learning more about a company or product. And if your social media pages are inactive or inconsistent, you’ll lose credibility. Today, it’s a necessity for brands to have social media accounts to win the trust of potential customers since social media is so integrated with people’s daily lives.

Simply having a social media account isn’t enough, though. A strong social media presence helps attract people who are interested in your company by establishing initial credibility and creating valuable content that keeps them invested. The best way to do this is to team up with a team of social media experts who know how to make your page shine authentically.

You can also use ads to build trust with people who don’t already follow your profiles. Ads can reach new audiences on social media platforms, which can be the first step in starting their relationship with your brand. Building brand awareness on social media by individually targeting users with your message or product can be a more personal way of building credibility with potential new customers than other forms of marketing.

3. Audience Targeting

Social media users have such a wide range of personalities, traits and interests. Most social media platforms keep track of this information and let you see what your own audience likes and dislikes. These insights allow you to take advantage of focusing your marketing efforts on a targeted group of people and interests from a broad audience.

Social media ads, in particular, can help get specific, tailored messages to people who have distinct likes and interests. By being able to focus your messages so specifically, your ads can get directly to the people you want to see them.

Traditional marketing efforts, like billboards, can target by location but not much else. Social media takes you from shooting blind to shooting directly on target, putting your advertising dollars to good use.

4. Sense of Community

Unlike other forms of marketing, social media has the unique benefit of creating a sense of community. Especially on Facebook and Instagram, many fans of your pages will interact with not only your business but also each other. With this established community, it’s a lot easier for people to feel connected with your brand when other people are expressing their support through these channels.

Having this community factor in your marketing efforts gives you the opportunity to show genuine care for your audiences by creating valuable content and directly interacting with users. Not many other forms of marketing give you the chance to showcase this as personally as social media does.

5. More Cost Effective

While many people think that cutting social media from their marketing efforts is the most effective way to save money, social media marketing is often the most cost friendly method of building a strong and involved following. You have much more control of your marketing budget when advertising on social media. Most social media platforms allow you to decide exactly how much you want to spend on each advertisement down to the individual daily budget.

Many traditional forms of marketing, on the other hand, require large sum payments with little control over where your money goes. Social media marketing takes a more practical approach, allowing you to have a strong say in how much you want to spend.

Your social media is doing more for your business than you may realize. With all of these benefits in mind, it’s time to  see social media as a priority instead of an expense. Convinced but don’t want to handle it yourself? Let us take it off your plate — get in touch!

Story By: Keagan Ross