Snapchat or Instagram. Which is Better to Use?

Snapchat vs. Instagram. The saga continues.

With Instagram’s recent updates and Facebook adding video stories is Snapchat’s relevance dying off? 

In June, Tech Crunch reported that there were 250 Instagram story users compared to Snapchat’s 166 million total app users.

As content creators and business owners, it is important to understand if using Snapchat is beneficial for your brand or business. We have listed an in-depth analysis of both apps and the pros and cons of each.


After launching in 2011, Snapchat allowed users to take pictures, create videos, add texts and face filters to share with friends and followers. The app's “vanishing act” feature allows content to be viewed and then deleted which creates a private connection.


Snapchat is heavily driven by experience. Brands and businesses can use the platform to show a behind the scenes look. Authenticity is very important in today’s digital age which is why millennials use the app. Additionally, Snapchat’s custom geo-filters give you an opportunity to brand your logo with a unique design. For example, if you host an event, attendees can take photos and videos with your branded Geo-filter and share it with their friends and followers. This provides an organic way to advertise.  The app is also great for promotions and giveaways. Users are encouraged to directly communicate with you to receive free products and discounts which increase sales and exposure.


Analytics. The app does not have a system to track engagement for your ROI so you have to manually count the effectiveness of a post. Additionally, your target audience is mainly limited to millennials which can be good or bad for your business depending on who you want to reach. Time constraints also impact the longevity of your content because there is a 24-hour window after you post. If you are trying to generate a longer campaign this may not work in your favor.


Exclusivity is Snapchat’s competitive advantage. Your brand or business can leverage this because users are more adapted to follow you and interact with your content. Snapchat is a good platform to use if you are looking for a quick engagement to boost sales and awareness.


Instagram launched in 2010 and allowed content to be viewed more openly. In the app’s early stages, users were limited to how private their communication was and the driving factor of the app was its aesthetics. However, in the past two years, Instagram has added several features that replicate their competitor including face filters, direct messaging, stories and location tabs.


Where Snapchat lacks, Instagram adapts. Instagram’s driving factor is its aesthetic and user-friendly design.  The app has made it easier to communicate and share content because it is a one-stop shop. Instagram consistently adds features for businesses and brands to utilize, including the business profile option which allows users to track engagement, schedule paid ads and add direct links to content in Stories. Additionally, Instagram Live allows you to feature the videos 24 hours after your session ends.


Despite Instagram’s rapid advancement, they do fall short in some areas. With their new algorithm system, your content is not organized by time instead it is curated by relevancy and engagement. This forces you to spend more time creating more engaging, relevant and timely posts. Brands and businesses must create posts that their audience wants to view to stay relevant.


Instagram is increasing in users for a reason. More and more people are doing it for the ‘gram because the app excels in providing eye-catching content. With recent business-friendly updates and features, proving ROI is easier than ever.

Final Thoughts:

Despite numbers rising in Instagram’s favor, Snapchat is not obsolete. Instagram is a great platform to use regularly and Snapchat is great for special promotions, events, and exclusive discounts. Plus, you don’t have to spend as much time creating the perfect content which can be great to give your brand or business a more authentic feel.

Which is your favorite platform to use and why? Share with us in our comments below!


Story By: Elaine Combs