Why Ship It When You Can Shyp It?

Attention everyone! There is a new app on the market. Forget worrying about making those terrible post office visits with their long lines and odd hours. Shyp both picks up your items and sends them wherever using the most affordable and dependable option. The Iphone app allows you to take a picture of whatever you would like to send and then simply enter their destination. Once you have declared your item that you would like shipped, the app allows you to request a pickup.

The company will then picks it up; package it using whatever methods necessary (bubble wrap, tape, or paper). The app is perfect for any small business or quick delivery. The company will connect the packages to USPS, FedEx, UPS, OnTrac, or other regional carriers. They will automatically figure out the best carrier for each individual delivery. Why did we ever  not do it this way?

Sources: Shyp It and CrunchBase

Blog By: Leah Griffin