Why Professional Businesses Need Instagram Stories


As our social landscape continues to expand, companies need to grow with it. Instagram is coming out with new features almost every week. According to Tech Crunch, as of November 2017, Instagram Stories boasts 300 million users daily, quickly rising from their June numbers of 250 million. Instagram Stories is not just for posting GIFs or using a cute cat filter, it generates user engagement that can be tracked with Instagram Insights for up to two weeks. So how can businesses leverage Instagram Stories to create engagement among their target audience? We will show you through these five quick tips.

1. Learn More by Swiping Up

Have over 10,000 followers? Then the “Swipe Up” feature may be a helpful tool for your business to utilize. This feature allows businesses to attach website links to their Instagram stories. Professional companies that want to establish themselves as thought leaders can leverage this feature to share third-party articles, company blogs, and relevant content to their target market. And the best part? Through insights, you can see how many IG users clicked on the link or engaged with your Instagram Story. Bonus: Your company can now use Google Analytics reports to track progress from Instagram Stories.

2. What Do You Do Again?

Most employees know the company’s mission and vision verbatim, but how do you translate that mission and vision in a way that resonates with your target market? Show them your everyday hustle. What is your creative process? What makes your employees tick? How do your teams work together? All of these questions can be answered through your Instagram Story. Show some “behind the scenes” footage, from weekly meetings to photo shoots. Showcase clients or partners and use Instagram Story Highlights to let them shimmer in the limelight. Regardless of what method you choose to take, remember that authenticity is the social currency of millennials. Your company’s target market wants to see the “real” company, from triumphs to setbacks.

3. A Little Give and Take

Not only does Instagram community want to see your company in its most raw form, but it wants to know that you do more than just sell products. Giveaways can be a fun and quick way to reach your target market and allow them to try your product risk-free. The best part? Having giveaways on Instagram Stories allows your giveaway to disappear in 24 hours compared to traditional product giveaways that can last weeks or months. Want your giveaway to last longer than 24 hours? No problem, just use Instagram Story Highlights to showcase your giveaway and the giveaway will last until your company decides to delete the highlight.

4. Show A Little Love

Providing offers on Instagram Stories, like BOGO deals or coupons, allows your company to make a special connection with their Instagram community. Giving offers on Instagram instead of other social media outlets makes users feel that they are a part of a niche insider group that gets to indulge in your product offerings in ways other consumers do not. Having deals on your company’s Instagram Story on a consistent basis will catch the attention of your target market, who will continue to view your Instagram Stories beyond the anticipation of offers. Additionally, it allows those who are at the awareness stage of the sales funnel to learn more about your product offerings and services with a lower risk. Bonus: For those that enjoy your company’s product, they can move quickly from the awareness to action stage, generating more purchase orders for your company.

5. Haven’t I Seen This Before?

Not only can posts be archived, but Instagram Stories can too. With the Instagram Stories archive, every Instagram user can privately view their previous tories and reuse them at their convenience. So how can companies use previous content to create engagement? Through tracking insights from Instagram and reposting popular content again for followers to enjoy. Had a holiday special on Instagram Stories that performed really well? Reuse. Having a sales promotion again on a popular retail item that created a higher average sale? Reuse. Want to do a #ThrowBackThursday or highlight an employee that was in a previous Story? Reuse. Just make sure the auto-archiving feature is always on!

There are plenty of ways to use Instagram Stories, from making a current company campaign pop to showing a company’s organizational culture. Regardless of the methods your company takes, make sure it is unique and true to the company’s personality.

Story by: Bailey Thompson