Why Paying for Social Media Advertising is Worth it

Sometimes in social media marketing, it can feel like you’re preaching to the choir. Or worse, preaching to an empty church. If you feel like you’re doing everything right– creating great content, implementing strong photos and videos and posting everything at the best times– but still not seeing the engagement you want, it might be time to consider paid social media advertising.

In October 2013, a brand could reach between 11% and 13% of their followers through completely organic (read: free) posts. As of the beginning of 2016, that number had dropped to 3% or less. And that was before Facebook changed their algorithm again at the end of June to make it even harder to get content in front of anyone who’s not a friend or relation.

What’s a social media-savvy brand to do? Capturing attention and engagement on social media posts is simple, but it does require a budget.

The era of free advertising on social networks might be over, but your social media strategy doesn’t have to be. Here are a few quick and easy steps you can take to get more eyes on that great content and get more results.

  1. Keep posting to your social media channels. Surprised? Even if your content only reaches 100 people or just 1 person, it’s important to have a presence on social media for your credibility as a business and to serve as a resource for people who want to learn more about your company.

  2. Pick your best content to promote. Another reason why it’s important to keep posting new content. It’ll give you an idea of what your audience will respond to so you can boost it. Boosted or promoted posts are also great ways to get the word out about sales, events and the highly complimentary news article you were featured in.

  3. Identify the people who keep coming back and ones who are leaving. Build a remarketing audience using the Facebook pixel or use the analytics tools available on all social media platforms to identify the different segments of your audience and target them with new content based on what you learn.

  4. Narrow it down. Have specific people you already know you want to reach? Apply behavioral and demographic filters on your audience when creating ads or promoting posts.

  5. Get conversions. Now that you’ve put some money behind quality, targeted ads, the conversions will start coming in, whether it’s sales, leads or clicks.

  6. Tweak your strategy and do steps 1-5 again. The whole process doesn’t take a lot of work and it doesn’t have to take a lot of money. Start with just $5 and see where it takes you.

With these steps, you’ll be on top of the next big thing in advertising while everyone else is still figuring out that display ads are really truly dead.

Written by: Kelsey Thompson