Why Marketing in Instagram Matters

While mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, routinely double tapping photo after photo, has it ever occurred to you how many other users are doing the exact same thing? Or better yet what is the exact number of photos being “liked” per day? To put everything into perspective, MDG Advertising has created an infographic filled with statistics on why Instagram is becoming a crucial marketing platform for all businesses.

According to MDG,  400 million people in the world are actively using Instagram “monthly” and liking around 2.5 billion posts each day. What does that say about Instagram and marketing and how can businesses use this to their advantage? Instagram is already huge and growing rapidly and with so many users, the market is already there. The app itself caters to visual marketers and storytellers, posing as a dream opportunity for branding. “It’s got everything marketers need to advertise to their heart’s content. There are several options for style and targeting, and the highly visual nature of Instagram content is perfect for beauty brands, fitness brands, lifestyle brands, and more to capitalize on the rush to mobile ecommerce.

Brands have spent $600 million in ads in 2015 and are projected to spend $2 billion by 2017. With being given a powerful set of tools to interact with your audience, don’t fall behind! Take advantage of the “the single biggest opportunity for social media marketers next year.”