Relationships with Grit: A Partnership with Imagine Media


The Imagineers understand how to get ahead in this social world we live in. Your social media presence directly reflects on your business. Are you putting your best foot forward and building strong relationships with your audience? If not, then we’re the match for you.

When you partner with our team of experts, you gain a full-service social media marketing team. We work to ensure that you are building strong relationships online with your target audience by creating custom, engaging content followed up by extremely targeted digital media advertising and complemented by stunning photography and videography. The result? Brand recognition and a loyal audience. Our team goes beyond the deliverables of a typical social media agency. Here’s how we integrate our team with yours to amplify your brand’s unique story.

A Personal Approach

Before you even sign a contract, we take a personal, hands-on approach to your social media strategy. Our partner relationships team begins a full audit of your existing social media and initiates a discovery process to identify your company goals and ensure our services are a good fit.

When we officially begin working together, the rest of the Imagineers continue the discovery process to gain a thorough understanding of your company — everything from your brand voice to your product to your marketing strategy.

When we welcome a new company to the Imagine Media community, you’re not just a number to us. We recognize that each partnership requires a unique approach, and we’ve designed our processes to be adaptable to accommodate the diversity of our partners.

Custom Content

If you opt for a creative strategy, we’ll curate all of your content in-house. We don’t hold back on any opportunity to brag about our Creative Team because their work is guaranteed to infuse your social feed with personality and innovation.

Our creative manager, photo stylist, graphic designer, videographer and photographer will work closely with your account coordinator to align your social media strategy with photos and videos that will engage your audience. In addition to our visual creative team, we also have an in-house copywriter who will craft scroll-stopping captions to support your visual content. 

Communication Wizards

The Imagineers are well versed in how to #StaySocial — and not just online. We take note of your preferred communication methods and style and mirror that preference. If you want to spend the first 10 minutes of a weekly call chatting about the Bachelor, that’s cool! Or if you prefer to get straight to the point, we’re ready to do that too.

We set up a system of communication between our account, creative and digital teams to keep you informed about every aspect of your social media strategy. All of your requests will be responded to within 24-48 hours, and we’ll touch base with you often to integrate ourselves with your team and become familiar with your company, employees, objectives and goals.

Transparency is a Core Value

That being said, we understand that not all conversations are easy. The Imagineers value transparent and honest feedback because it makes us better at what we do in the long run. When you’re happy, we’re happy, and your successes are our successes.

If a caption rubs you the wrong way or you don’t understand the thought process behind a photo, we encourage you to speak up so that we can answer your questions or adjust our approach. We also hold our teammates accountable to this same value internally and are constantly encouraging each other to grow together professionally through transparent conversation.

Expand Your Professional Network

Internally, the Imagineers are made up of a wide range of industry professionals who bring different perspectives and backgrounds to your account. We never hesitate to connect partners who have the opportunity to collaborate or cross promote in a similar target market. Think of the Imagine Media community as a not-so-secret society where you’ll perhaps meet some of your future business partners of tomorrow. 

If you’ve recently joined the Imagine Media community of partners, congratulations! We’re thrilled to welcome you and begin what we know will be a successful business relationship. The Imagineers are eager to become familiar with your brand and hit the ground running with your social media strategy.

Story By: Sophie Duncan