Why Company Culture is More Important Than Ever

According to many definitions, it seems that company culture’s definition has one thing in common: it is implied. Over time, culture develops from the traits and characteristics of the people the company hires.

With the recent influx of 54 million millennials into the workforce, company culture has a tremendous impact on what jobs are being sought more often. Millennials, unlike other generations proceeding them, grew up in a time with vast technology advancements. Imagine Media, for example, wouldn’t have even existed 20 years ago! 

Major corporations such as Google and Facebook have done an amazing job growing but not forgetting about those who keep their companies successful. In addition to traditional perks like good pay, advancement opportunities and stock offerings, companies also offer perks like free food, on-site laundry, and a dog-friendly environment so their employees don’t feel like they are stuck in a stuffy office space for 40 hours a week. Here at Imagine Media, culture is one of the most important aspects of the advancement of the company. With morning huddles every day and being proactive about voicing appreciation for our colleagues, it is crucial that the team is connected whether you're an intern or the CEO. 

 It is not just millennials who enjoy these new advancements in company culture, the most valued perk across employees of all ages is flexibility. Companies who want to reassure their employees that they are appreciated should focus less on the time they are there, and more on the quality and the timeliness work that is put out. No one wants to miss their child’s first school play and or their mom’s birthday because they couldn’t afford the time off. Showing that you care for your employees will further their care for the company and encourage quality work whether you are at your desk all day or at your home. 

Story by: Reshma Brahmbhatt

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