What's In Your Bag? Featuring Margot Dukes

Most creative minds are full of beautiful chaos, and I’m just the opposite. Along with my love for color, pattern, painting, and inspiration in every day beauty comes some slight (maybe more than just slight) OCD. You’ll always find my bag packed with organized color! Along with a job as dynamic as ours at Imagine Media, comes the need for a bag packed to the brim with office and everyday life essentials. Here’s a peak into mine: 

Mon Cahier Journal from Anthropologie: Remember how I mentioned being OCD? You will ALWAYS find my planner on me. I particularly love this version because of its clean lines, empty Month Calendars (no need to get a new one when a new year comes), and ability to schedule out your day depending on the hour. 

Le Pen Assortment: Something about office supplies gets me excited, and I absolutely love checking out the pen colors from Paper Source. You’ll always catch me with 3-5 different shades for different opportunities. 

Post Its, Paper Clips, & Client Folders: Again, the office supply thing. Always prepared! 

Matches: I can’t visit a new spot in Atlanta without taking a souvenir! Currently, you would find the beautiful matches from Bread & Butterfly, Mercury and Little Trouble. Most come from Happy Hour outings with my awesome team mates. 

Sunglasses: The more options, the better in this department! I like to keep it classic with my gold Ray Ban Aviators and add in a thicker, fun pair from our client Karoo

MacBook Air: Never leave home without it! I particularly love how easy this is to lug around to client meetings and the office. 

Twine from Archer Paper: There are few things I love more than hand written cards and thoughtfully wrapped gifts, so I always keep some twine and pens on me if I need to wrap something in a rush. It really does go a long way! 

Nook: Okay, so I’m an office supply and book nerd. Whatever. Currently speed reading through the Joseph O'Loughlin Series by Michael Robotham. 

Art Mag: The City of Charleston is near and dear to my heart and I absolutely love this publication. Showcasing pieces from the city’s most talented artists, there’s no short supply of inspiration on the go. 

Makeup: I’m no beauty queen, but a touch up or two is a must when you’re headed to a client meeting! 

Let's also not forget my trusty Madewell tote -- I don't know what I'd do without it! 

Thanks for reading and taking a peek into the bag of a semi-OCD, nerdy, Social Media guru seeking inspiration. Hope you enjoyed it! 

Story by Margot Dukes