What's Your Gusto?

Simply put, gusto means “enjoyment or vigor in doing something”. It’s synonymous with words like enthusiasm, appreciation, passion and zeal. The word gusto is not only the namesake of Gusto the restaurant, it’s how they aspire to live. Gusto! is a place where quality intersects with speed. They understand their customers are busy but don’t want to compromise quality for quickness. Gusto delivers quality food quickly through two areas of focus: ingredients and people.

This is one of my favorite lunch spots in Atlanta due to their fresh ingredients and, to be honest, their sweet potato chips. I am always greeted by a kind employee asking me, “What’s your gusto?” If you’re like me, making decisions can be hard, especially when it comes to food, but Gusto makes it easy by offering unique options from a simplistic menu. You can choose from salad, rice, or a flatbread wrap. Then you choose your type of meat. After that, the fun part, you get to pick your gusto! There are six unique options. My personal favorite is the chipotle mango avocado.

Regardless of whether you have tried every gusto combination or you've never tried one before, there is something for everyone at this fast-casual joint. They also keep things fresh and new by throwing in new gusto options. In fact, if you are looking to try Gusto, or switch up your typical order, stop by for the newest option– jerk ginger pineapple! You don’t want to miss this one. Check out their Instagram for regular updates and insider information.

Story by: Devyn Lamon