What's Trending in Social Media Apps

Last week, Forbes contributing writer Jayson DeMers put out a list of seven up-and-coming social media platforms that could take off in the last half of 2015. You might be familiar with some of them already; the ecommerce site Wanelo and the communication app Bebo already have a fairly decent following. But these seven platforms - while unique in their own way - collectively provide an interesting look at what we want to have in our social media experience.

While reading through Forbes’ list, the idea of ‘hybrid’ apps is a clear trend. Whether its Shots - a combination of Instagram and Snapchat that fully embracing the selfie culture - or Hyper, which is used like a Instagram/Reddit composite, up-and-coming apps seem to improve on already successful social sites and streamline the multiple app experience for prolific users.

The other clear trend is simplicity. Whether its working to streamline online shopping, work presentations, or just working to declutter newsfeeds, some of these budding platforms could actually help your productivity while connecting you with others online.

As social media remains the great frontier of the tech industry, investments in streamlined, unique and engaging apps will only continue, making these apps increasingly appealing to both entrepreneurs and users alike.