What's New With Snapchat

Between new filters, mouth-filled rainbows, and several new live stories section, Snapchat is reinventing the look and feel of ephemeral messaging once again. This week, the LA-based company announced selfie-based lenses, as well as the introduction of a paid Replay option. 

This is big news for snappers - which is a very active and increasingly diverse group of social media users. While these updates are fun and friendly for individual Snapchat users, the platform is strategically collaborating with big brands in order to be the go-to place for live messaging content. New partnerships with the NFL and CNN will bring users the most up-to-date content and newsworthy feeds possible.

While some might dismiss Snapchat as just a silly messaging app, Huffington Post's recent article suggests that more brands should be harnessing Snapchat's marketing potential. As James Calder says, the app "requires the user or viewer to keep their finger on the screen...[creating] a unique experience where the user is more engaged with the content." And in an age of constant messaging, this is a marketers dream.