What's New in Facebook Advertising?

June was a big month for Facebook advertising updates. This is the first in a series of updates with Imagine Media’s take on the newest capabilities from our friends at Facebook.

It may seem too early to start worrying about the holiday season, but several of the updates we’re most excited about will be invaluable during that busy buying season. The updates include household audiences and more options for dynamic ads, all of which contribute to an optimized mobile ad experience for users.

Household Audiences

According to Facebook, mobile shopping will only continue to grow during 2017 and mobile shoppers aren't just younger generations. Which brings us back to the holidays, because parents made up over 50% of mobile-first shoppers last year. Facebook’s new audience offering, household audiences, will allow marketers to create an audience that includes additional people who live in the same household of those in their original audience. It will help marketers deliver relevant ads to family members in the same household, who can influence purchase decisions.

Dynamic Product Ads

While reaching all members of a household, marketers now also have the option to make each family member’s experience more tailored to their personal browsing history with upgraded dynamic product ads. Facebook introduced video and text overlays for dynamic product ads, allowing marketers to make the ads even more personalized and engaging.

Stay tuned for more updates on Facebook advertising capabilities, trends and more!

Story by: Kelsey Thompson