What's In Your Bag? Featuring Margaret Cady

What someone keeps with them at all times, says a lot about them - or so, we at Imagine Media think it does. I’ll be honest, even with all of these items spread out, my bag looks much more put together in this image than it does in real life. When you’re always on the go, it’s hard to keep everything in order. “Organized Chaos” I believe is the term, but I always know what I have on me.

  1. iPhone and Laptop- What’s a Social Media Coordinator without his/her technology? A poor one, I tell ya! That’s why you won’t find any of us without them - especially me; a girl who has been labeled by her closest friends as an addict. I do know when to put my phone and laptop away, however, which is ALWAYS at the dinner table.

  2. Agenda- I’m one of those people who has to write down and mark off lists. Although I also have my digital calendar, I will always prefer handwriting my plans and to-dos.

  3. Headphones- Who doesn’t love listening to a little music to get their work done? We're also always trying to better ourselves by attending Webinars and listening to Podcasts, so these are a must have in the office. 

  4. Kickboxing Gloves- My favorite stress reliever is kickboxing. There's no better way to beat out the frustration of Atlanta traffic than to punch a bag. Atlanta Kick is where you will find me at least 3 nights a week. 

  5. Camera- I picked up this hobby not that long ago and it’s become a necessity for life and work. My twin sister recently got engaged and I was able to take the engagement photos she and her future husband will have forever. My Canon Rebel  is my new favorite sidekick.

  6. S’well Bottle- Staying hydrated is key to a healthy lifestyle and a good looking water bottle is the perfect motivation.

  7. Student I.D.- I am currently enrolled in SCAD for Digital Publishing, so my student I.D. is always on me. It's a great thing when school work is fun and SCAD, although time consuming and very busy, is just that.

  8. Hair Clip- You will never not find one of these clipped onto any of my bags. It's another one of those things that holds my life together in a sense. 

  9. Business Cards- When you work at the greatest Social Media Marketing Company in Atlanta, you like to brag a little ;). 

  10. Gummy Bears- I have an enormous sweet tooth. Like, enormous. Lucky for me, Industrious provides this favorite gummy candy of mine everyday when I need a sugar break.

Story by: Margaret Cady