What's In Your Bag? Featuring Carolyn Whalen

I have always been a strong believer that you can tell a lot about a person by the items they have on them at all times. By taking a quick skim through my bag, my theory has been confirmed. Things that were visible through my purse:


  • Family is huge in my life.

    • “Everything you can imagine is real” handwritten note from my older sister, Krista, is always in my purse. She’s great at keeping in touch even from 7 hours away. Handwritten notes are my favorite!

  • I love to travel, and I hold my travel keepsakes near and dear to my heart.

    • The elephant key chain I purchased in Bangkok, Thailand when I was travelling with my aunt. I brought back 5 for all of my best friends, now we have matching key chains (as corny as that is).

  • I love Atlanta and support the local businesses that surround our neighborhood.

    • The Scout Guide keeps me in the know with all things local in Atlanta.

    • Sweet Peach is the best spa! One of the only places in Atlanta that has sugar treatments, their facials are amazing and their peach hand lotion is always in my bag.

  • My friends are rockstars and a major support system. I would be bored/lonely/depressed without them.

    • The photo booth shots are with my best friend, Emma. We volunteered at an event together in the fall and can never pass up a good photo op.

  • My phone, laptop and my ipad are always in an arm's reach. 

    • Working in the social media biz, being digital is always critical. My phone is pretty much an extension of my arm these days!

  • Business cards because I love networking and showing off the great work we do as Imagineers. 

Now you know everything there is to know! Just kidding, there’s much more to know but my bag does a pretty great job at describing me. Follow me on social media to learn more!

@CaroWhale (Instagram & Snapchat)

Written By: Carolyn Whalen