What’s in the Imagine Media Toolbox? Part I: Team Management

Let face it—We all need a little help when it comes to managing our time, our projects, our schedules, and our tasks. It takes a village to make things happen (and we aren’t just talking about each and every one of our amazing team members at Imagine Media!). We’re talking about all the tools we use to help us stay organized and on track. With so many apps and programs available today, how do you know which ones are the right fit for you? It sometimes takes a lot of testing and trial runs, but we have found several that we now realize we couldn’t live without. Check out a few of our favorite tools listed below and let us know what you think!


Teamwork: Teamwork makes the dreamwork, Amirite? This project management tool is how we keep track of any task we are working on; big or small. You can assign tasks to specific teammates, set goals, set reminders, set due dates, attach files, comment on actions, and so on and so forth. If your whole team is working on one set goal or project together, you can create subtasks that won’t allow you to move on to the next step until each person has checked it off their to-do list. We would suggest testing this one out ASAP.


Slack: Say hello to the modern day AOL Instant Messenger—For Work. We pride ourselves on our transparency and our collaborative work environment, and when we’re not all enjoying each other’s company in the office, Slack allows us to do just that. With Slack, you’re able to create different channels to organize conversations, send direct messages to one another or smaller groups of people, or call someone through video chat. By using this tool, each teammate has a transparent view of what is going on at all (most) times AND it’s much easier than shooting an email to each other to ask for a quick favor or have a question answered. Once you go Slack, you’ll never go back.

MyHours: Ever wonder how much time it takes to complete one task? Look no further than MyHours. We recently began using this helpful time tracking tool a few months ago, and boy was it an eye opener! Who knew how long it took to compose the perfect email, edit the perfect image, or create the perfect strategy? Tracking time will help you keep your team organized and help you make the best decisions to continue building your business.

That’s all for the first insert of this series. Come back for more in the next couple of weeks to find out what else we use to make the magic happen at Imagine.

Story by: Margaret Cady