What To Expect To See On Social Media This Fall

Break out the L.L. Bean booties and the biggest/bulkiest scarves you can find, it’s time for an Instagram fall overhaul! Yes people, it’s that time again. Social Media thrives during the fall season for many reasons. But it’s time to put it all on paper - here is what to expect on social media this fall.

*Spoiler: PSL included.

1. Bonfires: Chestnuts (and marshmallows) roasting on an open fire.

Photo by @AmberFillerup (extra points for having a fire, a cute kid and uggs all in one fall themed photo).

2. Boots and fur and 50 shades of purple lipstick. Rihanna never says no to a good velvet, over-the-knee boot.

3. College football takeover, fair weather fans rejoice! We might actually need this t-shirt by @showmeyourmumu.

4. Flannels, just so many flannels. Again, @AmberFillerup with this fall look on point.

5. Uggs, because they haunt us and will never go out of fashion.

6. Engagement Season! All your friends will be getting engaged at pumpkin patches.

7. Big “comfy” sweaters. Fall invented the word “comfy” I swear. *Insert coffee mug here*

8. No matter how old you are, during the Fall you are watching Disney Channel halloween movies and most likely live tweeting or snapchatting the nostalgic experience.

9. Last but certainly not least: Pumpkin spiced and everything nice. Because this list wouldn’t be complete without the notorious PSL. Photo courtesy of @BrosBeingBasic.

Written by: Carolyn Whalen