5 Questions You're Dying to Ask our Interns

As we approach our final days of being a summer intern, I thought it would be a good idea to ask some of my fellow ambassadors about their experience at Imagine Media. Reshma, our Digital Media intern, and Anna Grady, one of our Social Media interns are here to share all about their experiences at Imagine Media.


1.     What was your favorite part about interning at Imagine media?

Reshma: I truly have valued that this internship gives all the interns real world experience and responsibilities. There's also tons of perks like free food, doughnuts, and never ending coffee!

Anna Grady: I learned so much from the Imagine Team. Any time I had questions, the entire team would be happy to help me learn and grow. It's not often that you find an internship where the team's goal is to help you grow into a better businesswoman.


2.     Why did you choose to intern at Imagine Media?

Reshma: What stuck out to me about Imagine was their passion. By viewing their web design and their social accounts, they featured their clients, their team, and also always stayed true to their branding through and through.

Anna Grady: Well first of all, they had a dog in the office. Definitely was a plus for me! All jokes aside - as soon as I came into the office, I felt the amazing atmosphere they had created. I knew immediately that this would be a place that I fit in, be myself, and grow as a person.


3.     What one piece of advice would you give to future interns?

Reshma: Don't be afraid to ask to do anything! Everyone here is super helpful and friendly, if there is anything that you want to learn or experience, don't be afraid to reach out to anyone on the team.

Anna Grady: Make the most out of your internship! Ask questions, get involved, and make an effort to learn one new thing each week. Don't get stuck in routine - always try to do more.


4.     What was your typical day as an intern like?

Reshma: Being the first digital intern, my tasks varied a lot day to day. Some days I would be involved in the month reports which are pretty extensive and require all hands on deck for the first two weeks of the month. For most of the days, it was checking the analytics and seeing what can work better, what is working, and how we can help our clients keep growing.

Anna Grady: First, I would give Gunnar (our CEO's dog) kisses. Then we would usually begin our day in a huddle, telling the team our priorities for the day, our challenges, and giving a shoutout to one team member that we felt did something awesome in the past few days. It's a great way to keep the communication open with the team and see where we could help with someone's challenges. Then I would do various things like pulling content for clients, editing posts, attending photoshoots, and much more!


5.     What is your favorite task you’re responsible for?

Reshma: I love being able to do the Instagram updates and insights. It's really cool knowing what posts do better and why: it can be as simple as reusing a color!

Anna Grady: I personally love interacting with followers on each account. I know that they feel special when the company is reaching out to them, so I always do my best to answer everyone's questions and give them some love!


I’d have to agree with everything Reshma and Anna Grady said. I personally love how everyone is so willing to teach you about anything you want to learn about, and how everyone goes out of their way to make sure you’re getting the experience you’re looking for. I’m going to miss interning at Imagine Media so much, thanks for an awesome summer!