What it Means to Be a Social Media Coordinator

There’s a reason you’re visiting our blog. You’re wanting to learn more about what it is that we do here at Imagine, right? You’ve seen us on Instagram and followed us on Twitter, but you want to know the whole story and the people behind it, so we’re going to tell you about the team, well each position actually, one at a time. You may have visited our team tab to get an idea of who all of the crazies are behind Imagine Media, and it’s easy to be curious about what each position entails. So, we’re going to start with Social Media Coordinator and give you a little snippet of what it is exactly each role does each day.

If you’re new to Social Media, you know that it’s important, but you may need a little push to help get your brand to the next level. The main goal of a Social Media Coordinator is to do just that. We're here to increase your brand awareness, your sales, your followers, likes, whatever may apply to your main goal for social media, all while making your life easier. Yep, who doesn’t love that description? In the beginning of our partnership, a coordinator is paired with you (the new client) and from that point forward, the coordinator's job is to make your social media experience a breeze. We ask you a few questions, dive into your brand to get to know it and you a little better, create the perfect strategy, present it to you in our meeting and voila! The rest is history.

We make sure all of what we do is based on your brand. We will be readily available for phone calls, emails, or texts, so that we stay in touch and on the same page always. A coordinator not only creates the content for all social media platforms, but also monitors your social media channels when questions, comments, or inquiries roll in. We know how important it is to respond to your customers (and potential customers) in a timely manner, so we make sure we’re always on top of it.

Story by: Margaret Cady