Well, "Hello"

Ever wanted to know who Terry from collections or Margaret from sales is? Well, now, thanks to Facebook, your caller ID allows you to get personal information about whoever dials you up. The new “Hello” application by Facebook allows you to access whatever public information a person has put on Facebook to pop up on the screen of your phone when they call. The application is only available through android phones, because Apple will not allow apps that intermingle with phone calls. The app is currently out for testing in the US, Nigeria, and in Brazil. The development of the application took place without any changes from Facebook privacy settings. It is no easier or more difficult to access information. While “Hello” allows you to see who is calling when they call, it also allows users to look up information or businesses through your contacts that you could formerly only access online. “Hello” even allows for category searches, such as “steak house” or “veterinarian”, allowing you to find numbers and addresses for local services. Once you locate or contact that business, the number and other details will be automatically saved to your smartphone.

The free application, available through the Google Play store, also allows users to block unwanted calls by adding them to a list, which sends the call straight to voicemail. It is also linked to the Facebook “Messenger” app so that Facebook messaging can be accessed through texts, and the application needn’t be opened separately. “Hello” will greatly expand Facebook’s search engine, however critics question whether or not this will be such a departure from the 2014 “Places Directory” which created a business search engine, but failed to have complete or clear details. The “Hello” app appears to try and bridge this gap by providing an emphasis on local businesses. Either way, telemarketing calls just might never be the same.

Blog By: Leah Griffin

Sources: Mashable, TechCrunch, and SearchEngineLand