Welcome to Twitter, Apple Support!

Finally, the support team at Apple has decided to join the Twitter world! Let us give them a very warm welcome.

This is great news for those of us who live on twitter for quick tips, questions and answers. Apple Support will use Twitter strictly for this function. To answer your next question, no we will not be receiving minute by minute updates of when and where their next device will be featured or what goes on in the mind of Apple employees. They intend on the use of Twitter to be a go-to place for customer support, much like their ever-popular genius bar. 

While Apple has not yet launched a overall account for their core brand, they did launch an account for Apple Music in October and also an account dedicated to games earlier in 2015. 

Being a social media guru myself, I know where I will look next time my MacBook Air decides to call in sick. Thanks for the support Apple, see you on Twitter! 

@AppleSupport to get all your Apple questions answered.