New Partner: Wabi Sabi Sound

Andrew Lackey has been writing and recording music since he was 12 years old, but it wasn’t until he was an intern on a small project called The Matrix that he became officially hooked on sound for film. On Halloween of 2008, Andrew founded Wabi Sabi Sound, Inc. with the intent to harness the true power of sound storytelling through services like music, voice acting, mixing and more. Wabi Sabi Sound utilizes the team’s exceptional talent and experience in music, voice and sonic design to create rich gaming experiences, cinematic adventures and evocative brands.

The Wabi Sabi Sound studio has a 700-square-foot 7.1 theatre and three other rooms, and the team produces everything to sound in their projects – music, voice, and sound. They also do game audio development, system design and implementation of sound. To create such unique and unusual sounds, they’ve made their studio a prop playground! With their fully-stocked prop collection and an assortment of microphone rigs, the team has created a unique library with over 20,000 sounds recorded. They range from gunshots to a bulldog that makes a weird snorting sound – sounds from all around the world. The Wabi Sabi Sound team truly approaches their production organically to capture sounds.

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Story By: Sophie Duncan