How to Use DMs to Build Stronger Connections on Social Media


Direct messaging on all social media platforms might be the most overlooked and under-utilized way to fulfill the instant connection that your audience craves. Direct messaging is a powerful tool that you should be using to strengthen and personalize connections with your audience. Here are a few ways how.

Potential partnerships

Today, it’s all about getting in front of the “right” people. Direct messaging makes this connection easy, instant and not awkward. You have the power to connect with exactly who you want to.

Have a particular person or account that you want involved with your brand? Great, shoot them a DM and make it personal. When networking face-to-face, you wouldn't say the same thing to every person that you meet. So why would you do it online? Each connection should be genuine and personal. No one wants a message that looks like spam or that looks like it’s been sent to 500 other people. In your DM, include their name, what you like about their page or profile and why you think they’re make a great partner for your brand. 

Customer service

The instant connection that direct messaging brings also carries over into the customer service aspect of your brand. Let’s face it, we are all impatient. Your customers want immediacy when dealing with a concern or a question that they have.

Seventy-nine percent of customers prefer a live-chat option for any customer service channel. This includes DMs. With direct messages, you can respond to feedback as soon as possible.

Public negativity can have a massive impact on your sales too. The privacy that direct messaging has can help you contain more negative conversations or complaints that can affect your brand's reputation. Don’t air out your dirty laundry for all of social media to see. Resolve those issues in the DMs. 


Customer loyalty 

You probably have those hardcore followers that like every single post, shout your brand out and have a response to just about anything and everything you post. People like that are valuable to your brand, and it’s time to treat them like the top-follower they are. Send them a DM and show some extra love.

Create a personalized message thanking them for their support and following. You can also give them special discount codes to show your appreciation. Most likely, these loyal followers will share your act of kindness to all their followers, too, showing just how awesome your band is.

Instant really is better 

By connecting with your audience via DMs, you can create more genuine connections quickly, handle customer service in a timely manner and reward those loyal followers for being your biggest fans. By mastering the art of direct messaging, you can take your social media and business to the next level. 

Story By: Taylor Wright