Understanding Google Analytics Terminology


If you have not linked Google Analytics to your website, we highly recommend creating a free account so that you can easily view your website traffic. There are multiple benefits to this service, the main one being that you can draw conclusions on how to optimize your website to increase your viewership.

We know that keeping up with digital media lingo can be a task in and of itself which is why we have listed some of the most common Google Analytics terms and their definitions to help you quickly grasp what they mean, so you can focus on capitalizing from the software rather than Googling what it is telling you.

  • Sessions: A single visit to your website, consisting of one of more page views
  • Users: An individual browsing your website. One user can create multiple sessions on your website
  • User ID: A unique user identifier that is used to combine sessions from one known user on your website (this provides a more accurate count)
  • Page Views: Number of total views of pages that have been viewed
  • Pages Per Sessions: The average number of page views in each session
  • Average Session Duration: How long visitors are staying on your website
  • Bounce Rate: The number of people that are only viewing one page on your website (The lower this percentage, the better)
  • % New Sessions: The percentage of new visitors on your website

These are some of the most common terms, but if you don’t see the one you are looking for, check out the Google Analytics glossary here!

Story by: Devyn Lamon