Understanding Generation Z: 5 Things You Need To Know

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In celebration of the year that Generation Z becomes the largest generation globally, Snapchat published two different reports that touched on how to connect with Generation Z through media platforms and how to understand their digital-centric cultural behaviors.

The first report, “Into Z Future,” focuses on describing Gen Z’s creative habits and their unique relationship with the internet and all of its tools.

“Gen Z have a unique relationship with digital culture that manifests in how they use digital tools to create, ” according to Snapchat’s report. This is why it’s important that you stay up to date on social media trends and Gen Z’s interests in order to keep them as an audience.

The second report, “The Youth of the Nations: Global Trends Among Gen Z,” focuses on comparing Gen Z to millennials and what they think about device usage and media consumption, online activities and even self-perceptions.

Here’s a round up of what you need to know about Generation Z in order to make meaningful relationships with them and catch their attention:

  1. Gen Zers need creativity. While millennials are also creative, Gen Zers take it to the next level and are confident that their generation is more creative than any other generation.

  2. They’re mobile-first storytellers. This means that Gen Zers rely on the internet to express themselves, show off their talents and find inspiration. “We just have a much easier way to show our creativity to the world,” said famous Tik-Tok creator, Makenna Kelly.

  3. Gen Zers are extremely opinionated and active in shaping the world they live in. They use social media and online platforms to build communities and positively influence the world.

  4. Unlike millennials, this generation is all about keeping up with trends and the latest fashions. Gen Z cares more about staying up to date all while expressing their true identities.

  5. This generation is full of entrepreneurs, according to Snapchat’s research reports. Many of the Gen Zers are already finding ways to monetize their content and express themselves all while making money on the side.

Check out the full report to read about Gen Zers in depth.

Story By: Alondra Santillan