UBER Does Not Heart NY

New York Mayor, Bill De Blasio and Uber recently experienced a falling out of sorts. The two parties met on Monday July 13th, for what was intended to be a friendly meeting of the minds on the topic of the Mayor's plan to limit the amount of ride-hailing vehicles. Rather than coming to an agreement, Uber took the proposed limitation (which aimed to limit overcrowded streets) as a direct threat.

The conversation turned to a heated debate fairly quickly when Uber took the defensive and the Mayor began questioning the qualifications of the drivers as well as worker rights. While De Blasio  planned to cap the number of for hire drivers, Uber was not going down without a fight. Taking the proposed regulations as an insult and created a defiance campaign of sorts. Tweaking their website to display an image of an Uber-less New York City.

As the fight wages on De Blasio's camp has stated that the goal is not to get rid of or ban Uber, but rather to curb the amount of traffic. Still, Uber has released more campaigns imploring that people not allow De Blasio to "stop Uber to please his big taxi donors". With about 63,000 for hire vehicles operating in the New York City area, and Uber representing only a third of that amount, the fear remained that to cap this number would only create further issues.

Between public uproar from drivers who rely on Uber for employment purposes, and citizens who utilize Uber as their prime source of transportation, Mayor De Blasio backed away from the proposed cap on Wednesday, July 23rd.

Sources: Mashable and The New York Times