Twitter Steps Up Their Advertising Game


If you’re plugged into recent social media news, you know Twitter has made something of a comeback in 2018. After years of losing profits and users, they’ve finally made strides in improving both. Any savvy brand out there should be paying attention– especially given the improvements and upgrades on their advertising platform. 

While Twitter has always been an important platform for offering quick customer service and pithy one-liners (ideally ones that go viral), it has the potential to become as big of an advertising channel as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, if you know how to target your audience. Check out the top 3 things we’re most excited about when it comes to Twitter ads:

Video ads

Some of the biggest updates to Twitter ads have revolved around video. This isn’t a huge surprise given the popularity of video online in general. Twitter is no exception– video content performs extremely well on the platform and video ads make up the majority of ad spend. 

One of the most effective types of video ads on Twitter are in-stream video ads and pre-roll ads. While certainly not unique to Twitter, when combined with the targeting options detailed below, they offer an unparalleled chance to reach audiences alongside popular content from publishers like AOL, Ellen, BuzzFeed, the NBA, and more.

Another option, this one more unique to Twitter, is to create a video website card. The card takes a piece of video content and embeds the website to create an interactive and native experience.

Wide variety of campaign types

In the past, Twitter’s advertising options often fell short of competitors like Facebook. In recent months, they’ve increased the types of campaigns advertisers are able to run and differentiated themselves from the options found on other platforms. Standouts include the previously mentioned in-stream video ads.

Never-ending targeting options

One of the most powerful features of Twitter ads is the ability to get hyper-targeted with the audience you reach. It stems from Twitter’s longtime strength of bringing communities of people together around common interests and experiences using easily searchable hashtags. With Twitter ads, you can not only target hashtags to reach these specific communities, you can target large accounts, including celebrities, influencers and competitors, to reach their followers as well as similar followers with lookalike audiences. That’s a targeting feature not even offered on Facebook.

On top of the unique ways to target people based on their behavior on Twitter itself, there are also all the standard options that come with installing pixel tracking on the website. By installing Twitter’s pixel, you can retarget website visitors and create lookalike audiences based on web traffic.

We’re definitely keeping a close on Twitter and what they’ll roll out next. Find us on Twitter at @imaginemediacon for social media news, our favorite GIFs and the occasional live Tweet session during awards season.

Story by: Kelsey Thompson