Twitter Rolls Out New Homepage

Not a Twitter user? Well, their new homepage might finally convince you to join the Twitterverse. The ever popular social media company has been playing around with the idea of an update to their former homepage since February and finally made it official last Wednesday. The new page is geared more towards those a bit intimidated by Twitter. "Whereas before, Twitter's homepage was pretty sparse — simply a background image and prompts for people to sign up or sign in — the revamped version is populated with different topics, including politics, pop artists and cute animals. Clicking on one brings you to a timeline chock-full of relevant tweets.

"It’s rich real-time content, just like the Twitter experience for users who log in," Twitter product manager Gabor Cselle wrote in the post."

Now new users or those logging in from the desktop site will "find a healthy handful of feeds organized around popular topics and personalities. Celebrity Chefs & Personalities, Country Artists, Tech Blogs and Reporters, and over a dozen other suggested categories get prime homepage real estate, while more granular categories await attention in a sidebar. There are 58 groupings to choose from in all, a content smorgasbord" that should peak anyone's interest.

So, Grandma, no more excuses for not joining Twitter anymore, simply because you couldn't figure it out or didn't know what you would use it for! Just do a quick little search and you're sure to find some tweets about knitting or mall walking. It's all laid out right in front of you, in a clean and simple design. Now don't forget to let me know when you make your famous cookies... but remember, you have to stick to 140 characters or less, G-Ma!

Post by Allie Nute