Twitter Launches Analytics Tool for Brands

Twitter has announced they will launch a new analytics product called the Twitter Brand Hub. Although this may be a service for advertisers, Twitter has ensured that this offer will focus less on paid ads and campaigns and more on conversations surrounding particular products or brands. The idea is then, that advertisers can then use this information to see where they need to boost the brand's visibility with ads. How will Twitter measure this exactly? One way is their new 'TrueVoice' metric, which represents how much of the online conversation about the given brand, in comparison to their competitors. Here is how Twitter says the metric works: “We determine your brand’s TrueVoice by first analyzing Tweets about your brand and those about your competitors. Then, we identify what percentage of these impressions your brand owns.”

In addition, the Twitter Brand Hub will measure demographics such as age, gender, location, and income levels. Overall, Twitter's goal for this tool is to go back to measuring traditional brand advertising metrics. The company wants to remind marketers the importance of impressions and how one single tweet can have the ability to make a lasting impact. (That is, if it reaches the right people, of course.)

Post By: Maire McMahon