Twitter is Testing a 280-Character Limit


Did you know that with languages like Japanese, Chinese, and Korean fewer characters are used to say essentially the same thing as opposed to languages like English, Portuguese, and French? Twitter wants everyone in the world to have the ability to freely express themselves on their platform, no matter what language you speak. Because of this, cramming your thoughts into 140-characters could possibly become a thing of the past.   

There is no denying that Social Media users become very attached to the format of the platform. Tweeters are still reminiscing about the star-shaped like button that was replaced with a heart. Because of these emotional attachments, Twitter decided to let a handful of tweeters test it out. The feedback and data collected from this test will determine the decision to allow all users to have 280-characters. The Chicago Bears twitter account is one of the lucky accounts given the opportunity to try it out. We happen to love how they took advantage of the 280 . . . 


With this potential change, comes great responsibility. Twitter is known to be home to a few trolls, so it is important to use this change for good. Don't use the extra 140-characters to spread hate. With that being said, we are excited to see how this will play out. Stay tuned for more updates!

Story By: Kasey Kiser