Twitter Is Hitting Refresh

Regardless of your personal feelings regarding Twitter a strong argument for the wavering popularity of the app can be made. With Snapchat’s addition of news stories, Instagram’s artistic nature, and Facebook’s classic appeal, Twitter is having a hard time staying hot and relevant (sorry).

The smart move would be to shake things up a bit, and that is exactly what Twitter is attempting. In fact, Twitter has announced that they are “exploring ways to make existing uses easier and enable new ones, all without compromising the unique brevity and speed that make Twitter the best place for live commentary, connections, and conversations.” 

Gone are the days when in a desperate need for more characters you would just eliminate every vowel in sight. Sounds good, right? We sure think so! Here are some of the ways Twitter is changing it up.

1. You can now retweet and quote tweet yourself.

It’s every narcissist's dream come true. Only kidding, you can’t help that you’re hilarious.

 2. Photos, videos, and GIFs will not count toward the character limit.

The return of the vowels! (Wlcm bck)

3. In reply tweets, @names will not count toward the character limit.

Do you know what this means? MORE HASHTAGS!

4. You will not need to add a period before new tweets beginning with an @name.

Frankly, we always found the .@ hack confusing, so we’re glad it’s gone.

Unfortunately, links will still count towards your character count, but Twitter is definitely taking a step in the right direction with these updates. Now, for all of the visual learners out there, here is a comparison of the current and future structures of tweets. 

Image courtesy of Tech Crunch

Image courtesy of Tech Crunch

Although you still won’t be able to compose your autobiography on Twitter, the changes above will free up a few characters and make the app more user friendly, which will make a notable difference. 

Way to stay in the game, Twitter!

Story by: Corinne Orr